Our 2014 TOP TEN!

First of all, we have to thank all of our amazing farmers, retailers, restaurants, friends & families for supporting the major transitions that The Brinery went through this year- we couldn’t be more humbled by the amount of love & good vibes we consistently feel from our entire community.

Second of all….can we just say that making a top 10 list was really hard this year??! There were far more than 10 awesome things to note, but with a bit of restraint we parsed down our never-ending list to one containing just a few that knocked our socks off.

10. We won a Good Food Award for our Sea Stag Sauerkraut and became a finalist for Oh Gee kimchi!
9. We moved to the Washtenaw Food Hub & increased our production and storage facilities by nearly 5x!

8. The President came to Ann Arbor…and ate our kraut!!

7. We boldly stuck to our guns about making kimchi with only in-season (to Michigan) produce, testing out new recipes like our Good Food Award nominated American Spoon/Brinery collaboration Wild Ramp Kimchi! Read more here: http://thebrinery.com/the-seasonality-of-kimchi-a-note-from-david/

6. We doubled our staff in the Spring, adding more than a few new Briners to the daily crew!

5. We ramped up our online sales and started shipping our hot sauces nationwide. Soon after, we opened up Sriracha and Aura Solanales to stores over Metro Detroit!

4. We logged our BIGGEST production season EVER, TRIPLING the number of barrels we could make in a day and hiring our first crew of fall/winter seasonal staff!   Before, we had been receiving cabbage in 40# boxes, this season we brought in 800# pallet bins of cabbage (pictured above).

3. Introduced our FIRST EVER SHELF STABLE product!

2. We got a whole bunch of awesome press!


We coordinated with NINETEEN local farmers in sourcing our produce for the year.  Above: The Dyer's and their garlic.

1. We coordinated with NINETEEN local farmers in sourcing produce for the year. Pictured above are  Dick & Diane Dyer and their garlic.

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