The Brinery is looking for some folks who’d like to come work with us Wednesdays and Thursdays this fall! We’re looking to bring people in as soon as possible (as early as this Wednesday!), so don’t delay in turning in your resume to!

A production assistant is involved in all aspects of production; you will find yourself washing, weighing and prepping vegetables, making large batches of pickles and sauerkraut, jarring/bottling all products by hand, cleaning and dishwashing.

photo credit: patrick record

photo credit: patrick record

The Person
 Displays The 3 C’s (Competent, Capable & Charismatic): Come to work with a positive attitude, ready to have fun while still getting their work done quickly and efficiently.
 Enjoys Small Work Environments: We have a small staff of employees that work with us each day. A production assistant will relish the thought of working/interacting with around 10 other people each day, in tight quarters.
 Flexible: Brinery work days may fluctuate based on produce deliveries, events or large orders that need to be filled quickly.
 Dependable: A wise person once said: ‘To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late’. We start production right on time every day and we staff each shift based on the amount of work that needs to get done; if one person doesn’t show up, we may be unable to complete what is needed.
 Embraces Change: We are a small & growing business. This means that there will be frequent changes to processes and plans and we all need to bring enthusiasm for these changes to the table.
 A Good Shipmate: We will expect that you take instruction respectfully, but that you will also ask questions and offer helpful/constructive feedback on new systems as we move forward. Cooperation is important in a small business!
 Interested in Fermentation/Local Food Culture: The Brinery is the anchor tenant at the Washtenaw Food Hub and deeply rooted in local food culture. We will hire the person who shows a genuine interest/curiosity for fermentation, The Brinery & our local food economy.


photo credit: alyssa olson

 Lift up to 50# multiple times per day
 Ability to Stand on Your Feet for up to 8 hours/day
 Comfortable chopping/otherwise using large knives or other large shredding machines that are used in production.
 Maintain Personal Hygiene as you will be in direct contact with foodstuffs
 Attention to Detail during all tasks (e.g. quality control of produce, proper sanitation of workspace and prep areas)
 Dishwashing: We do not have a separate dishwashing position, so you will be expected to share this responsibility with the other production team members.
 Take Responsibility and Pride in your work. Own it.
 Punctuality. If your shift begins at 8am, we expect that you are on the floor working at 8am. Leave a little extra time in the morning to switch your shoes, stash your lunch or grab a glass of water before clocking in.

Hours: PT /Seasonal through December* (14-16 hours/week), 8am-4pm or 11am-6pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
*More employment potential after December for the right person

SEND ALL INQUIRIES VIA EMAIL ASAP. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis and the first trial shifts begin THIS WEDNESDAY October 29th and will continue until we fill all of our spots!

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