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First things first, we have great new test batches of TEMPEH coming markets near you! Try our new soy free varieties, packed with adzuki, millet, barley, and buckwheat! Each loaf is a cornucopia, a kaleidoscope of shapes, textures, and proteins. We have taken tempeh to the next level, and we know you’ll love it! See you at the Ann Arbor and Detroit Eastern Markets with tempeh in tow!

The Brinery business plan is nearly complete! Like a wooden barrel, perfectly hewn from oak wood and iron, our plan now holds water, stands leakless, waits ready for brine. We are currently adding the finishing touches, further defining who we are and what we will become. As we move forward in this process, we are also looking to the horizon for a few financial backers to sail the Good Ship Brine toward success. Please call David for details!

We’ll be travelling to Chicago next week for the Wurst Festival, held at Daley Plaza! This is a shout out to all our Chicago fans, and anyone with a profound love of our kraut….Brinery kraut will be featured at the festival, paired with traditional wurst in the fashion of the ancients. David will also hold a fermentation demo, so get over there and get feducated!

Our friends from Underground Food Collective (out of Madison, WI) will also be slinging Brinery jars at Logan Square Farmers’ Market on Sunday, as well! These talented charcuterists know a good product when they see it, and the pairing of fine charcuterie with Brinery tastes is enough to satisfy even the fussiest! Stop by their stall any time from 10:00-3:00.

On a final note, Chicagoites, look for Brinery products at Plenty, the grocery and deli store on Division Street, as well as at LOCAL, a store in New Buffalo, MI. We’re expanding weekly to more and more stores, so tell all your friends to scour their grocery shelves for the deep cosmic vibrations that dwell in every Brinery product.

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