The forty days are over, and we are finally able to celebrate a successful Kickstarter campaign! Thousands of thanks to everyone who donated! We collected over our goal of $12,000 just as the campaign closed its metaphorical doors, and we could not have done it without your help. Our deepest gratitudes go out to our community for its generosity, its helping hands giving us the chance to keep eating locally, year round! It is a glorious future, both near and bright, for the Brinery, and we are making some BIG CHANGES that will soon be unveiled. Somewhere in the frosted distance, the white stag gallops, a trail of silver glitter sweeping behind him as he trots the trot of victory through the woods…..
David attended the Dose Market this weekend in Chicago! The market is year-round and monthly, held in the high-ceilinged River East Art Center. It was well-attended and full of tons of other great vendors, and we were happy to take part. Brinery kraut goes the the big city, in a big way!
We would also like to give a shout out to our number one dreamstar pals Unity Vibration Living Kombucha Tea LLC for their Indiegogo Campaign! The effort raises money for Unity Vibration’s expansion in a variety of ways, including buying new kegs so that their healthy product can reach the masses! Clearly we’re fighting the same fight! Please check out their campaign and watch their cool video by clicking on the link above!
Brinery Sauerkraut at the Grange Kitchen and Bar
The November winds are blowing ever colder, but there is a warm and sheltered refuge on Liberty Street! Chef Brandon Johns of Grange Kitchen and Bar has just incorporated Juniper’s Orbit, one of our finest specialty krauts, onto his current menu. Juniper’s Orbit, once described as a “glimpse of Nordic pine forest gazing toward the heavens, spinning in orbit with Jupiter”, is paired with meat in Johns’ Rabbit Choucroute Garnie.

To quote the chef, “The Junipers’ Orbit is cooked with onions, garlic fingerlings, rabbit bacon, white wine and rabbit stock. Braised rabbit and rabbit bratwurst are added to the dish at the end. We serve this lovely take on the classic Alsacian dish at our dinner service.” We are proud and pleased to be a part of the Grange’s fantastic menu and to work with Brandon. Stop by the Grange to taste this plate, as well as the other bountiful, locally grown and prepared foods available at the restaurant.

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