We are having a pop-up dinner this week, and we want you to come! The meal will be the proud result of a partnership that has formed between CFO David and Chef Adam Verville of St. Cece’s Pub. We will be serving our collaboration at St. Cece’s itself, which is a cozy Corktown establishment that cooks with locally-sourced ingredients. Check out their website!

Dinner is served starting at 5:30! Our dinner will feature hearty meats and tempeh, lovingly paired with your favorite Brinery ferments. Enjoy tastes of the Brinery in candlelit ambiance, within a warm and hearty dining room. It will be a fantastic relief from these dark February days, and you will be welcomed with open arms and a gallant nod from the white stag, who sits proudly in the corner for all to admire.

Here is the menu:

Carrot Cashew Soup with brinery hot pickled carrots
C. Roys’ Corned Beef Brisket with Brinery Tantrific Kraut (watermelon radish kraut)
Miller Farms Chicken Mole Tostada, lime cream and Brinery Chow Chow
Melo Farms Confit Pork Belly, Coconut Sticky Rice, Tangerine, Brinery Oh Gee Kim Chi
Orange Glazed Oregon Tempeh, Wild Rice, Roasted Tetsukabuto Squash, Brinery Oh Gee Kim Chi  (vegan)
Michigan Shrimp And Ramen Noodle, Wild Mushroom, Broth, Brinery Pickled Garlic and hot pickled carrots
And dessert:
raw/vegan cheesecake
traditional cheesecake with zingermans “real” cream cheese
St. Cece’s is at 1426 Bagley Avenue, Detroit. Can’t wait to see you there!

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