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The Western wind is blowing in news and blowing in past memories that drift around our ankles like oak leaves. We’ve had a great week, and there is more greatness to come!

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We’re going to be at the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market and Detroit Eastern Market, always and forever. We’ll see you there tomorrow with smiles on our faces, kraut stuck in our teeth.

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David and Clayton will be at DOSE Market this Sunday in Chicago! Starting at 10:00, they’ll be slinging quality probiotics and tempeh. Stop by for wit, kimchi, and lactobacillus!

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We made a ton of hot sauce this week, mashing the heat of the sun into our barrels. It’ll soon be summer in the wintertime, if our hot sauce has anything to do with it! 2000 pounds of peppers, anything from Hungarian hots to habaneros, and four barrels of heat.

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Finally, photographic evidence of the Brinery business plan! The Good Ship Brine sails on into the autumn, and now she has maps and a brave captain, telescope ready to find the financial starlight to really set the sails…..

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