Who can be concerned with the Grammy’s when they’ve just won a Good Food Award and been nominated for another?

That’s right folks, a Brinery favorite kraut, Sea Stag, took home the winner tag in the category of pickles at the 2014 Good Food Awards earlier this month.  The harmonious balance of green cabbage, carrots, burdock root and a mix of nutrient-dense sea vegetables & turmeric was just the right combination to take home gold. Sea Stag was one of only THREE  pickled foods within our 11-state region that won an award!!

Our top kimchi, Oh Gee Kimchi, walked away with a Finalist tag, which is nothing to be overlooked; According to the Good Food Awards website, the finalist round has only 5 competitors, meaning overall The Brinery took home TWO of FIVE top spots for pickles in our region! We couldn’t be more flattered.

I’d suggest glancing at this blog post written by one of the pickle judges, Addie Rose: http://realpickles.blogspot.com/.  Addie comments within her post that there were nearly 1500 entries for 2014, including around 120 pickle entries! A fellow-pickler herself, she writes that “…in the world of fermented pickling, we are not competitors.  The more producers there are, the more we are recognized as a legitimate food category.  Participating in the Good Food Awards has given us a real sense for our larger community of fermenters and fellow picklers, and we are so happy to be a part of it!” Right on, Addie.

multi jar wall pic

Interested in the criteria for submission to the Good Food Awards? Check it out below:

• Food is delicious, bringing joy to those who consume it.

• No artificial ingredients are used.
• Food is an expression of tradition and culture.
• Seasonality and locality are valued in crafting of food.

• Respect and fair compensation are core values within the production chain.
• Ingredients are grown without synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and are GMO free.
• Growing practices are chosen to promote healthy soil and biodiversity.
• Local ingredients are utilized wherever possible.
• Water and resource conservation and recycling are practiced.
• Transparency and honesty is practiced with consumers.
• Direct, face-to-face communication is sought out between growers, food crafters and everyone else in the production chain.
• Good animal husbandry is practiced and farm animals can eat and behave according to their natural instincts.


The Detroit Free Press writes that four other companies from Michigan also took home gold: Jolly Pumpkin Ales, Founders Brewing, Swallowtail Farm & Marcia’s Munchies. AWEsome.

Photos by Alyssa Olson.

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