brinery-rectangular-Position Hiring For: Production Manager
HOURS: FT, Salaried Position (min. 40 hours/week), Monday – Friday
COMPENSATION: Commensurate with experience.


  • Displays The 3 C’s (Competent, Capable & Charismatic): Come to work with a positive attitude, ready to have fun while still getting their work done quickly and efficiently.
  • Enjoys Small Work Environments: We have a small staff of employees that work with us each day. A Production Manager will relish the thought of working/interacting with around 10 other people each day, in tight quarters.
  • Flexibility and adaptability are key. Brinery work days may fluctuate based on produce deliveries, events or large orders that need to be filled quickly.
  • Embraces Change: We are a small & growing business. This means that there will be frequent changes to processes and plans and we all need to bring enthusiasm for these changes to the table.
  • Interested in Fermentation/Local Food Culture: The Brinery is the anchor tenant at the Washtenaw County Food Hub and deeply rooted in local food culture. We will hire the person who shows a genuine interest/curiosity for fermentation, The Brinery & our local food economy.
  • Management Experience – specifically someone who has demonstrated success with both management of people and with increasing efficiencies in food production systems.
  • Highly Organized and Detail Oriented



  • Management of the Production Schedule

From what to make, when to make it and acquiring all of the materials involved in the production of a product, our Production Manager will ensure we always have adequate supply to meet demand. The Production Manager will also ensure that there is proper staff scheduling to meet all supply demands. Ordering materials of any type will require the production manager to work closely with Operations; Scheduling and Inventory par management will require the manager to work closely with Sales.

  • Hiring & Training

The Brinery Production manager is involved in hiring staff for their crew as well as training them. This includes ensuring that training materials are updated as processes evolve.

  • Inventory Tracking

The Production Manager will be responsible for tracking inventory of raw ingredients, packaging materials and finished goods.

  • Focusing on Lean Principals and Most Efficient Processes

Seeks out and attends trade shows to keep up on improvements in manufacturing and natural foods industry.

  • Cultivating high levels of Motivation and Positive Morale

You will be managing a team of 10-20 staff in the production and packaging of Brinery products. This includes general Brinery staffers as well as shift supervisors, etc. You will also need to continuously focus on dialing in HR policies and procedures as we grow. This will be done in coordination with other senior managers.

  • Strategy and Planning

As a seasonal company, developing and maintaining a solid yearly strategy that works in line with the growing season in Michigan is crucial.


*Since we’re a small company, we all chip in from time-to-time as needs arise.  You may find yourself tasked with a construction project (if you’re handily skilled) or representing us at a farmer’s market (if you consider yourself a people person).  Some of us even end up in the fields harvesting cabbage if a farmer friend is in need. You may be needed to contribute to other non-production areas (ex: workshops, special events, demos, etc.).


SEND ALL INQUIRIES TO ORDERS@THEBRINERY.COM! Attach your resume as well as a few sentences about why you’d like to work for The Brinery to be considered for the position. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis and a trial shift will be required for all candidates prior to hire.

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