We have more news to share than fish in the sea! This has been a great week for fermentation, for hauling the harvest in and barreling it with the enthusiasm of our forebears.


We’ve purchased about 1,600 POUNDS of storage cabbage from Tantre Farm! Nothing like a fresh load of cabbage, still glistening with frost, carried in by Richard Andres himself to preserve in our barrels. October is a great month for the noble cabbage, and we’ll all be enjoying it by the roaring fires of winter…

We’ll be at both markets this weekend, Detroit Eastern Market and the Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market. Stop by for great deals on jars. Meet the kraut wizard, a spirit who has lived on with colonies of lactobacillus through the ages!

SPOTLIGHT ON: Brinery Beet Kvass, heartfeltedly named Hart Beet after Greg Hart– former employee, current friend, and forever family. Sold in drinkable, portable vessels, our kvass boasts the probiotic properties of sauerkraut and contains less sodium than our brine. The recipe has deep roots in Eastern European culture. It has a refreshing effervescence, coupled with the deep beet taste and a startling magenta color! Give it a try when you spot the bottles at our market stalls!


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