Sailboat Shared Harvest

A kraut thoughtfully made from all of the extra veggies The Brinery had on hand at the end of particularly production-heavy week, ‘Shared Harvest’ is our tribute to Food Gatherers and the work that they do to positively impact low-income families in our community. A portion of the proceeds from each jar will be donated to the organization.

Our vision for this kraut spans far past this small batch, however. Each year, we plan to collaborate with local farmers and gather donations of bountiful harvests to make this kraut- we don’t imagine any two batches will be quite the same.  Veggie donations will also allow us to share even more of the proceeds with Food Gatherers.

You can support local food rescuing efforts by buying a jar of this kraut at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market or Detroit Eastern Market this weekend, or find it in stores throughout the Metro-Detroit area next week -watch Facebook for updates to find out who will carrying ‘Shared Harvest’. Of course, you can also nab it online here.

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