‘BOK-WILD RAMPS’, our FIRST EVER ‘Spring Kimchi’, has finished fermenting and we’re SMITTEN.

Ever hear of a spring onion? A wild leek? Wild garlic?

Those are all just pseudonyms for the wild ramp, a highly aromatic wild onion that asserts the flavors of both garlic and onion in our ‘Bok-Wild Ramps’ kimchi. The ramps we’ve used in this play on our Oh Gee kimchi were all wildcrafted in Michigan, which is to say, locally harvested from their natural habitats!



In the next couple of weeks, we plan to make an extra-special collaboration batch of kimchi with Chris, a culinary creative & fellow fermenting enthusiast from American Spoon. The talk around the water cooler is that wild ramps will be used in this small-batch as well! Follow us on Facebook for more: facebook.com/thebrinery.


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