Tell me more, tell me more! Was it love at first sight?

It’s official -Busch’s and The Brinery are now in a (business) relationship! You can find our products in Busch’s Fresh Food Markets across the Metro-Detroit area (in Plymouth, Saline, Farmington, & on Green Road as well as on Main Street in Ann Arbor)! Our love knows no bounds… where will it blossom next? Perhaps, a Busch’s near you!

Tell me more, tell me more! Did she put up a fight?

If ‘she’ is referring to our sriracha, there would be a resounding ‘YES!’ from The Brinery crew. This sauce is so fresh and hot that our briner’s throats begin to tingle at the mere thought of bottling it up! Alas, the war that capsaicin has waged against us is just the yin to our yang (of love) for this ‘summer heat’.

The small batch that consulting chef Brad Greenhill helped to create is already almost gone, leaving us longing for the sweet sting that the next batch will bring. If you haven’t already grabbed a bottle of our take on the original rooster sauce, you had better trek out to Detroit’s Eastern Market, Ann Arbor’s Kerrytown Farmer’s Market or reserve a bottle online this week!

Tell me more, tell me more! But you don’t gotta brag.

Oh..but we do. Have you TRIED any of our seasonal kimchis yet? Staying true to the Michigan growing season has really paid off. From unique combinations of bok choy, wild ramps & hakurai turnips to a spicy & refreshing cucumber kimchi, these new flavors reflect the spirit of the local farms that we work with and their commitment to providing fresh, in-season and responsibly-grown vegetables to the community year-round.


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