Our new home is nearly complete! The Washtenaw Food Hub has been painted, cleaned, and outfitted for the Brinery’s use! We cannot say enough how proud and thankful we are for this project. We circle the kitchen like songbirds in the sky, ¬†eager to land in our new nest that holds the future.

photo 5

Our barrels are housed in a chamber the color of pure sunshine, as you can see above. The yellow energy will power our hands as we carry on the noble art of lactofermentation, and the hue will channel the sun’s energy into the vessels.

photo 3

The Brinery’s Eastern Market rep Jae demonstrates the use of our new barrel dolly!

photo 4 (1)

Tantre Farm’s winter crew works on post construction cleanup. The room will be our future production site, harnessing the heritage of stardust through sea salt as a means of preservation.

photo 2 (1)

As the winter marches on, so we fly. We are pleased to be carrying on the actions of the ancients, remembering the necessity of preservation during the cold times. Our products bow to tradition, and we love to make them for you.

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