The Brinery had a wonderful time catering for an art reception at the Gallery Project on Thursday, January 26th. Our selection of our flavorful krauts and kimchis, paired with Brinery-made tempeh and a light spread, made for some popular snacking! This Brinery-style reuben pleased all who attended, including the starving artists among the crowd. As always, we enjoyed ourselves immensely, and we would love to cater any events for our faithful fans!

CFO (Chief Fermenting Officer) David discoursed with local artists about their work, as well as the merits of eating fermented foods! The two go hand in hand, and the Brinery would like to continue this relationship. We feel that we are artists ourselves, crafting batches of carefully-pondered product, just as an artist creates pieces. As we move toward the Brinefuture, we want to nourish artists with Brinery goods, in the hopes that we stimulate their inner economies as well as their imaginations.
The Brinery at work, proof of the amazing synergy of a partnership between art and food. Please note the dashing young man in the green jacket, Gary Mazzeo of Tantre Farm. Gary is gracefully perpetuating the symbiotic relationship between the Brinery and Tantre, the rootstock from which the Brinery grew. We are very thankful for Gary’s hard work!

Speaking of hard work, the Brinery brined two batches of hand-chopped product this week, Oh-Gee Kimchi batch 116 and Fair N’ By batch 111. Keep an eye open for these batches— they’re really something special. The great effort that went into the processing of these vegetables was a great way for the Brinery to get in touch with the deep roots of the fermentation tradition, reminding our hands of the work done in olden days. With our shredder out of commission, we came in contact with the toil of the ancients, and we are grateful for the experience.

Additionally, the Brinery would love to hear about any special recipes you have created with our products! The photo above is a great example of the beautiful simplicity of a Brinery lunch, Storm Cloud Zapper, baguette, and hummus! Please email us any ideas or inspirations you might have.

On a final note, the Brinery will be holding an official, exclusive tasting event on the 13th of February. On this evening, we will be generating the language for our official tasting notes. We are looking for chefs and connoiseurs to contribute their vernacular to our literature. If you (or anyone you know) is interested in either covering the event or evaluating our products on their fine palate, please email for an invitation to this private event!

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