Wow! We here at the Brinery are very proud to announce that Zingermans Deli of Ann Arbor Michigan is featuring Brinery kraut on its sandwich of the month this January!
Storm Cloud Zapper is the kraut, and the sandwich is the Cloud Zapper! Zingermans creamy goat cheese, Gardenworks farm sunflower sprouts accompany the storm cloud zapper all on a Zingermans warehouse  paisano roll! Wow! I ate one Saturday whilst I worked the Ann Arbor farmers market. Behold it was delicious! Rodger and the gang have crafted an amazing sandwich showcasing all locally produced foods! The Brinery officially salutes Zingermans Deli and the dedication they show to artisinal, locally produced food!

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2 Responses to The Brinerys finest moment!

  1. Cara says:

    David and all at The Brinery – This is such awesome news! Congratulations to you and yay for all of us in Ann Arbor…we get to eat it….can’t wait to try the sandwich!!!

  2. Victir says:

    Sounds delicious David! I am SO proud of you!!

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