If you are a vendor or potential vendor, please email orders@thebrinery.com to find out what we currently have available for retail and restaurant sale. Most items available for retail are sold in 6-pack cases, some in 12-pack. We have bulk sizing on most products available to restaurants. We currently have distributors servicing the Midwest. 


Hot Saucehot sauces and gallons

  • Raw and unpasteurized, shelf stable
  • 12-month shelf life

Aura Solanales Hot Peppers* (Red Jalapeño, Serrano, Cayenne, Hungarian, Cherry Bomb, Vinegar, Water, Salt, Garlic) *Exact mix of hot peppers may change from batch to batch but will be indicated on the label. This year’s batch of Louisiana Style hot sauce captures the heat of five varieties of peppers harvested in the fall of 2014.

Sriracha (Chili peppers (red jalapeno), garlic, cane sugar, water, salt, vinegar)
Our sriracha blends the richness of wild-fermented garlic and a scarlet mash of field-ripened hot peppers into a slightly sweet, definitely spicy sauce you won’t soon forget.

Holy Matrimony (Hot Peppers (habanero), distilled vinegar, carrots, onions, sea salt, garlic)
The hottest of the sauces we have in our line-up. Originally made in honor of David’s cousin and her betrothed, we recreated that small batch in hopes that with each bite you feel the love that now burns for them.

 Sauerkrautsbuckets and jars

  • Raw and unpasteurized and must be kept refrigerated
  • Sold in 24oz jars
  • 12-month shelf life

Fair n By (green cabbage, water, salt)           
Our most popular kraut-just cabbage and sea salt!

Stimulus Package (green cabbage, water, caraway seed, sea salt)
A traditional white kraut with caraway seed for that old world flavor.

Storm Cloud Zapper (green cabbage, red beets, water, fresh ginger root, sea salt)            
Red beets and ginger give this kraut a deep purple hue and bright & spicy kick.

Galaxy Rose (watermelon radish, green cabbage, water, sea salt)          
A beautiful and deeply pink kraut with a whimsical sweetness and mild radish-y bite.

Rust Belt (red cabbage, water, sea salt)
Fair n By’s ruby red cousin.                                                          

Sea Stag (green cabbage, water, carrots, burdock root, sea vegetables, turmeric, sea salt)
Preserving the energy of the sea and the land by combining green cabbage, carrots & burdock root with a mix of nutrient dense sea vegetables and turmeric. A 2014 Good Food Award Winner!

Check to see what is currently available by clicking “seasonal sauerkraut” on the drop down menu in our online store! The base of this kraut will change depending on what is locally available. CURRENTLY HABANERO SAUERKRAUT

Garlic Kraut (Green Cabbage, Dyer’s Garlic, Sea Salt)


  • Raw and unpasteurized and must be kept refrigerated.
  • Sold in 16oz jars
  • 6-month shelf life

 Root 31 (Turnips, water, beets, garlic, sea salt)
A pink, garlicky, thinly sliced Egyptian turnip pickle.                 

 Jape Kin Cod (Carrots, water. hot peppers, garlic, sea salt)
A spicy, sliced Latin carrot pickle.

Check to see what is currently available by clicking “seasonal pickle” on the drop down menu in our online store! CURRENTLY PICKLED ASPARAGUS (Spicy!)


Heart Beet Kvass (Turnips, water, beets, garlic, sea salt)

Seasonal Kvass 
CURRENTLY HEART OF GOLD KVASS (previously Tomato Kvass)

Traditional Tempeh (Organic, non-GMO soybeans, live active cultures)
While non-fermented soy is difficult to digest, our twice-fermented tempeh is full of available nutrients, proving one of the best ways to eat and digest soy. This tempeh is characterized by a savory, nutty flavor and is great marinated on sandwiches, in stir-fries, or as a fried appetizer.



These items are small batch and only available once a year.

Dilly Dally (Cucumbers, water, sea salt, garlic, fresh dill, dill seed, coriander, yellow & black mustard seed)
The classic half-sour made with fresh dill flowers!                                                                                              





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