Along with a shift in seasons comes a shift in The Brinery’s product line. Starting this week, we will be phasing the Oh Gee and Cabbage Moon Kimchis out of our regularly available product line.

We will not be discontinuing these kimchis forever, rather they will become seasonally available products, only made when Michigan’s crop of Napa Cabbage is fresh and bountiful. This will help us to stay true to our mission of stimulating the economy by preserving locally grown produce through the ancient art of fermentation, allowing it to be available for consumption year round.

In true Brinery spirit, you can still look forward to testing out uniquely seasonal and non-traditional variations of kimchi when napa cabbage is not around- this winter it was a daikon ‘kimchi’…this spring be on the lookout for ramps & baby bok choy ‘kimchi’, this summer perhaps a cucumber ‘kimchi’!

As the skipper, steering the course of this small yet thriving business, I appreciate all of the support our loyal Brinery customers (and friends) have given since I set the sails of fermentation back in 2010. You can find the last of this seasons’ Oh Gee and Cabbage Moon kimchis in a handful of stores throughout Michigan, at Detroit’s Eastern Market, the Kerrytown Farmer’s Market & on our online store until it’s sold out.

-David Klingenberger

photo by alyssa olson

If you are a buyer of this product or in general have any further questions about why we are shifting away from making kimchis regularly or the timeline of our phase-out for your store please direct them to

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