Things are changing at the Brinery, and the solstice is upon us! We are enduring some growing pains, feeling a close and glorious future. The Brinery is currently cloaked in a chrysalis, shifting in mysterious winter ways in order to emerge as a shining creature in the imminent spring.

us three

Our primary growth is a change of home! Our nest at the Washtenaw Food Hub is nearly complete, the walls painted, the pipes aligned. We are very excited for this monument of local food, proud project of Richard Andres, to be our official facility soon. In addition to a production facility, the Hub will also house all the fermenting barrels.


David is also moving, from the city of Ann Arbor to a smaller residence on a local farm. There he will live on the edge of the woods, and observe the animals. The change will be a welcome one!


We spent a full day this week making a round of Detroit deliveries! We provide kraut, kimchi, and tempeh to dozens of restaurants in the area. Some of our stops included Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, Green Dot Stables, Inn Season Cafe, and St. Cece’s Pub. We also stopped by Two James Distillery to pick up an oak barrel for a future batch of bourbon barrel kraut!

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We’ve been fermenting more Tantre Farm produce! In the true spirit of the ancients, we have utilized the overabundance of both watermelon and daikon radishes to make two specialty batches of radish kraut and daikon kimchi! So far, we have processed over 12 full barrels of Tantre product, and we’re still going. Look for these special batches in the future, glowing with local energy and the full flavors of Chelsea, MI.


This time is one of great transition, but we cannot wait for what will come. Our wings are forming, our home is near, and this solstice marks a meaningful maturation for our business!

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