This weekend we went down to the Weston A. Price Foundation 15th Annual, Wise Traditions Conference!

The conference ran from November 7th-November 10th and was jam-packed with a bunch of inspiring speakers giving talks on  Growing Nutrient Dense Vegetables, Rebuilding your Gut with Fermented Foods, GAPS, Raw Milk Dairy & Cheese, The Science of Bone Broth, ‘Traditional Diets’, The Vegetarian Myth, Calories, Sourdough…..Relieving Tension…the list went on!

We were in good company, with a handful of other fermentors selling their wares, but we were the only folks with a product that was ‘wild’ fermented! That is to say, we don’t use any starter cultures or induce any specific bacteria strains at the start of our batches- we just let nature do it’s thing and encourage the lactobacilli to go ‘wild!’. We only add salt to each ferment help maintain the proper anaerobic environment for the lactobacilli to thrive.

Never heard of Weston A Price? Check out this site to learn more:

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