The Brinery is thrilled to have a visitor from San Fransisco here in Ann Arbor this week, Aaron, from Fatted Calf Charcuterie! Aaron’s time at the Brinery will focus on the ancient art of meat curing, a process of preservation that also uses salt, similar to fermentation. Meat curing results in products such as chorizo and pancetta, and the Brinery is very interested in learning about this process!

In fact, we’re so interested that we’ll be heading to Tantre Farm in the next few days to butcher and preserve a hog using the ways of our forefathers and foremothers. Briner Greg Hart, under the gentle tutelage of Aaron, will hone his skills as a charcuterist……This means that somewhere, deep in the Michigan woods, the white stag will meet our hog. They will delicately sniff each other, curious, before being startled by the sharp knife of charcuterists with prosciutto on their minds. The white stag will gallop off into the maples, leaving the hog to its noble fate. It will be a beautiful moment of old meeting new, of soft before salt.

In other news, the Brinery is honored to be a part of the menu at Inn Season Cafe, an amazing restaurant in Royal Oak. The Inn Season Cafe utlilizes local ingredients in their (solely) vegetarian and vegan dishes, including the Brinery tempeh! We are proud to have our product featured in their tempeh breakfast sausage; please stop by for an un unforgettable lunch, dinner, or brunch experience!
Our favorite product this week is a highly specialized type of kimchi we have named Negative Napa. This white kimchi was made without Napa cabbage, an ingredient usually featured in our kimchis. Without the cabbage, Negative Napa Kimchi is a product that is chock full of Big Flavor, bearing strong notes of the carrot, garlic, green onion, and apple that are primary components in Brinery kimchis. This product is similar to a relish, with a boldness like a bunch of springtime daffodils that glorifies the palate. Look for the Negative Napa Kimchi at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market, as well as Detroit’s Eastern Market, this Saturday!

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