• Brinery hotsauce on the blazing horizon, made with friendchef Brad Greenhill (of Righteous Rojo)
  • Brinery tempeh discontinued due to other business expansions
  • Barrels of Coyote Kraut fermenting blissfully for newcomers and oldcomers to enjoy

Read up on the human microbiome within us in thisNew York Times article!

Happy New Year! We hope our probiotics have kept the Krampus out of your homes and guts, and that he did not threaten your eggnog-laden bellies with his rusted chains. In this darkest time of year, we welcome you to lean inward and gleam a little heat from the glowing Brinery coals. Our lactofermentations are the embers of the fire, casting nourishing warmth on those who eat them.


Yes, the rumors are true and we are happy to confirm them– the Brinery will be moving to the Washtenaw Food Hub as soon as the kitchen is ready for us! The Brineteam is ready to load the barrels on the truck, pack up the knives, and head down the road to a new hearth and a new heartplace.


We are currently dreamin and schemin, making big plans for our ideal, efficient new workspace. As you may know, the Food Hub is owned by dreamstars Richard Andres and Deb Lentz of Tantre Farm, the mighty womb from which The Brinery was birthed. David and the rest of the crew are excited to continue our fellowship with Tantre!


Speaking of our Tantrific homeland, we have a batch of specialty kraut bubbling away with its brotherbarrels! This special batch contains Tantre rutebaga, cabbage, and golden turnips, and it’s sure to be a glittering combination. Look for it in the coming months–its sweet shreds are sure to amble along the palate like a well-fed stag after the autumn harvest, white in the moonlight….


We at the Brinery are glowing with local pride due to our partnership this season with Zingerman’s Mail Order! The Zingerman’s folks have included Brinery sauerkraut (the Official Zingerman’s sauerkraut) in their Reuben Sandwich kits, availableonline. The kit would make a great gift for any sauerkraut lover, meat and cheese lover, or sandwich lover, and that pretty much covers everyone. In addition to our artisinal Fair n’ By Sauerkraut, the kit also comes complete with pumpernickel, deli meat and cheese, and a few other accoutrements to make a delicious meal!


David Klingenberger happily lead a workshop on the wonders of fermentation at Abbot Elementary! Along with making their very own batch of shredded sauerkraut, David taught their young inquiring minds about the bacterial realms that dwell inside of each of us, and importance of keeping their goodness intact. An overwhelming thank you to all students and staff at Abbot!

That’s all the news for now. Thanks for reading! May your holiday be bursting with goodness, probiotic or otherwise, complete with visions of lactobacillus dancing in your heads…

Love David and Team Brinery

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