Happy New Year!

Greetings from the Brinery and Happy New Year!


Sitting nestled amongst many barrels of kraut, I can sometimes hear a briney gurgle, comforting me that all is well in their probiotic depths.

Reflecting upon this past year, I am filled with gratitude for lessons learned, relationships strengthened, the continuing growth and evolution of the Brinery business, and the thousands of Brinery jars that have made their way into the homes and guts of so many people!

So much can feel out of balance (and straight up crazy) in this beautiful world of ours. Luckily, at the Brinery, we are grounded and find meaning and purpose in nourishing our communities with traditionally fermented foods.

The new year brings further opportunities to strengthen our core business, dial in our processes, and evolve our company culture. The Brinery is a maturing business, entering its 8th year, and we are proud to be a bridge between farmers and eaters, preserving family farmed produce through the ancient and necessary art of fermentation. Our ancestors ate these same fermented foods, and we carry the culture onward with products as simple as a jar of sauerkraut.

Many blessings to all, and thank you for your continued patronage and support!

David Klingenberger

Things to look forward to in the new year: the release of Habanero sauerkraut, our latest seasonal, and more batches of JKC Spicy Carrot Pickles. The heat of sun ripened peppers will be sure to keep you warm this winter! This January, Fair n By kraut, Oh Gee kimchi, and Verde Solanales hot sauce will be on sale at all Midwest Whole Foods!

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BIG NEWS Brinery Bulletin

Greetings, fellow kraut lovers! As seasons change, so do we. We write you this special news bulletin to keep you informed on the latest at the Brine Lair. Let’s start with the good news.

IMG_9517 (1).JPG

Galaxy Rose and Dill Pickle kraut are ‘18 Good Food Awards Finalists! These awards celebrate “food that is delicious, respectful of the environment, and connected to communities and cultural traditions.” Our commitment to seasonal, family farmed produce is what makes our kraut not only taste exceptional, but also enables us to contribute to a more sustainable future. We aim to stimulate both your inner economy with living fermented foods, as well as the economy of our greater community and local food movement. We are honored to be among the other incredible artisans and pioneers committed to the same values that inspired our first batch of kraut! For more information, and to see a list of Finalists: http://www.goodfoodawards.org/2018-finalists/

Now, it is with a heavy heart that we must make the following announcement. Effective January 1, 2018, the Brinery will no longer be making tempeh. In short, here are the main reasons for the discontinuation of this product:

Tempeh can no longer physically fit within our production facility, due to lack of space and concerns over cross contamination. Soybeans are an allergen, and thus tempeh must be made at a separate location. And at this time, we simple Briners need all focus and attention going towards properly growing our core vegetable ferment business (kraut, kimchi, and hot sauce). We simply don’t have the resources to do the same with tempeh at this time.
We do plan on revisiting the tempeh realm in the latter half of next year, and hope to rebirth it as a separate entity. However, to be clear, there is no plan in place at this time, and Brinery tempeh is not just taking a time out, but may indeed be gone forever.
This is a very difficult business decision and it is not made lightly! Thank you for loving our tempeh as much as we do. We are so proud of our contribution to feeding the community and hope to continue to tantalize your taste buds with more funky ferments as we learn, grow, and change with the seasons.
David and the Brine Wizards

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NEW! seasonal product release

Sriracha New Outside.JPG

Greetings, from your local Brine Wizards!

It's officially autumn and here at The Brinery, we mark this glorious, sacred transition with the release of products that preserved the bounty of the previous growing season. Here are the new seasonal products that you can expect to see at your local grocer this fall!

Dill Pickle Kraut: A cosmic cucumber comet has collided with a cabbage continent! We united the clean, fresh flavors of a classic dill pickle with the grounded kingdom of kraut. Voted most likely to be eaten straight from the jar, we love it and think you will too.

Up North Kraut: This kraut was made with cabbage, carrots, and parsnips grown on Second Spring Farm, a 7 acre certified organic vegetable farm located on the Leelanau Peninsula. Aromatic and hearty, the earthy fragrance of parsnip is the star of this ferment. 

JKC Spicy Carrot Pickles: Back by popular demand! We have resurrected this fan favorite to bring a little Latin flavor to the Midwest. One family member's love of Mexican pickled vegetables inspired us to craft this spicy carrot pickle for tacos, Bahn mi, and salads.

PRICE DROP! You can now enjoy our spicy but sweet Sriracha sauce at a new price (up to $2 off original price). We love you, we love our Sriracha, and we want you to feel the love, too. Expect to see price changes at the store next week.

VISIT Essence on Main in Clarkston on October 19 at 6PM for their free, monthly beer tasting, featuring samples from yours truly!

RESTAURANT FEATURE: Our friends over at Detroit Vegan Soul have recently opened their second location in the Grandmont/Rosedale neighborhood. Head on over to try our tempeh on their Smothered Tempeh plate or Grilled Tempeh Wrap! We are honored to partner with a company that values community, local produce providers, and accessibility to high-quality, nutritious food. Tag us on your dinner plate @thebrinery and @detvegansoul!

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festival + event schedule


Greetings from your local Brine Wizards! 

Temperatures have been cooling down as we approach autumn, but things have been heating up at the Food Hub. We have processed roughly 1,000 lbs of cayenne, cherry bomb, and habanero peppers for our fermented hot sauce; our stellar staff is busy preserving the bounty of late summer veg! There are a few chances to catch us out and about this month, so be sure to watch our social media @thebrinery for updates and reminders.

Try seasonal ferments at the following sampling demos put on by our friends at Taste the Local Difference!

Burritt's Fresh Market in Traverse City on September 15, 3PM to 6PM

Foods for Living in East Lansing on September 16, 11AM to 2PM

The Local Grocer in Flint on September 16, 11AM to 2PM

Hang out with us at the following foodie events!

Grand Rapids VegFest on September 17, 11AM to 5PM. The 3rd Annual vegan food fest, featuring yours truly among local and national vegan-friendly exhibitors.

Carmela Fall Food Show on September 27 is the place to be for retailers and restaurants lookin' for deals!

Farm to Fork Alcona on September 30. Join us for a fermentation workshop and locavore dinner by our very own 'Spicy' Andrew. Reserve your spot here before reservations sell out!

Bloody Mary Festival in Chicago on October 1, 11AM to 4PM. Chicagoans, come say hi to the lovely Dominique and try our fave Bloody Mary fixings and hot sauce.

What's Seasonal: Dilly Dally Pickle, Cucumber Kimchi, Dyer Farm Garlic Sauerkraut, Galaxy Rose Sauerkraut, Fennel Love Sauerkraut

What's New: A fan-favorite, small batch ferment is making a comeback next month. Can you guess which product is bubblin' in barrels right now? Hint hint, it's spicy! Stay tuned.

cucumber pickles + more!

Greetings from your local Brine Wizards! 

We are crawling out from under a growing pile of Tantré Farm cabbage to write to you about our August product offerings. The first round of local veggies have been harvested and production is in full swing here at the Food Hub. We are brining your favs and dreaming up new flavors with this incredible abundance! Here is what you can find from your local grocer this month.

Seasonal Krauts: Dyer Family Farm Garlic Kraut, Galaxy Rose, Fennel Love

KITCHEN TIP: Brian, one of our stellar production workers and go-to handyman, stuffed and roasted some juicy persimmons with Fennel Love!

Seasonal Pickle: Dilly Dally Pickle is HERE! Catch it at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, co-ops, and other small markets across the state of Michigan. Limited run, get 'em while you can!

COMING SOON: Cucumber Kimchi! This season's rotating kimchi will be everything you love about Oh Gee, with the addition of crisp local cucumbers. Keep an eye out for the release of this small, specialty batch!

Restaurant Feature: We are proud to be featured on the new menu at all Anna's House locations! Go try the Tempeh Power Bowl or the Kimchi & Bacon Fried Rice Bowl and tag your dish on Instagram @thebrinery!

JOIN US: Zingerman's is celebrating its 35th Anniversary at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market on August 12 from 6PM to 9PM. We are joining the festivities and will be selling our kraut and special label (Single Barrel and Zmoked) hot sauce! There will be great food (think Reuben sliders with Brinery kraut) and even better people. See you there, friends.

catch 'em while they last

Jars of this season's small batch specials, the Spicy Asparagus Pickle and Ramp Nettle Kimchi, are dwindling down! Here's where you can pick up the last of 'em...

RAMP NETTLE KIMCHI (bok choy, napa cabbage, daikon radish, filtered water, carrots, ramps, nettles, dried hot pepper, ginger)

  • People’s Food Co-op, Ann Arbor

  • Argus Farm Stop, Ann Arbor

  • Arbor Farms Market, Ann Arbor

  • Zingerman’s, Ann Arbor

  • Sparrow Market, Ann Arbor

  • Lucky's Market, Ann Arbor

  • Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

  • Foods for Living, East Lansing

  • Harvest Health Eastern, Grand Rapids

  • Kingma's Market, Grand Rapids

  • Local, New Buffalo

  • Hardings Market, Richland

  • Greener Pastures Market, South Lyon

  • Burritts Market, Traverse City

  • Oryana Natural Foods Market, Traverse City

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SPICY ASPARAGUS PICKLES (asparagus, water, sea salt, garlic, crushed red pepper)

  • Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

  • Arbor Farms Market, Ann Arbor

  • Healthy Habitz 4 Life, Frankenmuth

  • Kingma's Market, Grand Rapids

  • Local, New Buffalo

  • Hardings Market, Richland

  • Burritts Market, Traverse City

  • Oryana Natural Foods Market, Traverse City