Kimchi, kraut, and pickles, oh my!

Your June 2017 Brinery Update

Greetings from The Brinery! The Brine Wizards have been busy making magic over bubbling barrels of your favorite fermented foods. We are here to keep you in the loop about seasonal batches, events, and general ongoings at The Brinery.

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Here is what to expect this June...

Ramp Nettle Kimchi

This ain’t yo mama’s kimchi...unless your mama is a wild food forager, of course. This small batch has everything you love about kimchi, plus wild harvested ramps and nettles. We made a very small batch of this special spring kimchi, and it will be available in select stores, and at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market for a limited time!

Garlic Kraut

This season’s batch is made with red cabbage grown by Pretziger Farm and is full of warmth and flavor from Dyer’s Farm organic heirloom garlic. Gorgeous and spicy, just like the Briners who made it.

Galaxy Rose

A beautiful and deeply pink kraut with a whimsical sweetness and mild radish-y bite. Perfect accent for that food photo you were about to take. Both the cabbage and watermelon radish were grown by our friends over at Tantré Farm!

Spicy Asparagus Pickles

Tender shoots, grown by Tantré Farm, gently pickled with garlic and hot pepper. This early summer favorite will be a very limited run. Find it soon at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market!

Aura and Sails.JPG

We’ve set sail for Northern California

Find out why we put hot sauce on everything and grab a bottle of our Aura Solanales or Verde Solanales, now sold at all Midwest and NorCal Whole Foods. That's right, this month we are shipping our first pallets of hot sauce to Northern California and Nevada!

Find a brineplace...

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We are hiring!

Temperatures are heating up, which means an abundance of local veg to ferment! We are hiring production assistants to join our peppery team of Briners. Please feel free to pass along our job posting to anyone who might be interested.