on the horizon

Greetings from The Brinery! The sun has reached its highest altitude of the year here in the northern hemisphere. Long ago, a cloud of hydrogen gas began to collapse under the weight of its own gravitational pull. Today, we give thanks for the astounding flow of energy this sun provides to help create and sustain life. Rows of green cabbage, hot peppers, and soy beans have harnessed that energy and transformed it for human consumption. We keep our products raw and living, so that you may benefit from the full power of the sun! Here's what has been happening around the Brine Lair as we transition to the bright summer season.

FENNEL LOVE (green cabbage, apples, carrots, gold beets, fennel, fennel seed) is jarred and ready for July. This dreamy romance between fronds and fruits has a perfectly balanced fennel bite.

DYER FAMILY GARLIC KRAUT (red cabbage, Kilarney Red, Spanish Roja, and Stull garlic) is a must. Heirloom garlic from the Dyer Family Farm brings much warmth and flavor to this gorgeous, red kraut.

DILLY DALLY PICKLE (cucumber, garlic, fresh dill, dill seed, coriander, mustard seed) will be made this month. We have awaited the arrival of locally grown cucumbers and aim to release this classic, seasonal pickle late this summer.

THE LOCAL VENDOR FAIR is this Saturday, July 1 at the Ann Arbor Whole Foods on Washtenaw. From 1PM to 5PM, stop by and try our favorite krauts and hot sauce!

EMILY, our radiant line supervisor, got hitched and our beloved Brine Monk, Adam, wed the brides. We cried, we drank, we danced, we met Emily's dad. Holy Matrimony hot sauce made an appearance, dressed for the occasion in a special label. Congrats, Emily!

AHOY! Last week, Captain David set sail for the first time on his new sailboat. You might recognize the name, The Galaxy Rose. We look forward to moving company meetings from the barrel room to the open water.

WE WELCOME many new faces to the Brinery production floor! They work hard cutting, shredding, and jarring crates of veg. Show 'em a little love by tagging your Brinery goods on Instagram @thebrinery and Facebook.

REMEMBER to sign up for the monthly newsletter at the bottom of any Brinery site page. We wish you a safe and happy Fourth, filled with good company and healing foods!