Aura Solanales Hot Sauce

(red hot peppers (jalapeño, cayenne, cherry bomb, serrano, fresno) distilled vinegar, filtered water, sea salt, garlic powder)

A Louisiana style hot sauce capturing the warmth and flavor of sun ripened hot peppers. Medium hot and will not overpower, but enhance any meal!

An ode to Aura:

“Solar rays to nightshade leaves,

fruiting bodies to pepper mash;

Radiating warmth from star-shine to plate.”


Verde Solanales Hot Sauce

(green jalapeños, distilled vinegar, filtered water, sea salt, garlic powder)

A pleasing parallel to Aura Solanales, this sauce features the tartness of early summer’s fresh picked green peppers.



(red jalapeños, garlic, cane sugar, filtered water, sea salt, distilled vinegar)

Our Sriracha recipe blends the richness of fermented garlic with the scarlet hot pepper mash to create a slightly sweet, definitely spicy sauce you won’t soon forget.


Holy Matrimony

(habanero peppers, distilled vinegar, carrots, onions, garlic, filtered water, sea salt)

This is the hottest sauce we have in our lineup.  Originally made in honor of a family member's wedding, this sauce has a great balance of heat, fruitiness, and vegetal depth.