Fair n' By

(green cabbage, filtered water, sea salt)

Our purest and most traditional kraut, just green cabbage and sea salt.  Simple and pure, a great gateway into traditionally fermented foods, and the rest of our line


Stimulus Package

(green cabbage, filtered water, caraway seed, sea salt)

Our first product, this kraut embraces the tradition and flavors of the old world to stimulate your inner economy. Caraway seeds add an earthy depth of flavor. This is a classic kraut!


Storm Cloud Zapper

(green cabbage, red beets, fresh ginger root, filtered water, sea salt)

An all around favorite for beet lovers and those wanting to love them! Has a striking flavor that is grounded by beets and lightened by ginger.  Crunchy, tangy, and zappy, your palette will tingle with delight.


Sea Stag

(green cabbage, carrots, burdock root, seaweed (digitata, alaria, kelp), turmeric, filtered water, sea salt)

A truly elemental and nutrient dense kraut that preserves the energy of the land and sea. This stunning golden kraut unites the briney power of the sea with the vegetal bounty of the earth.

 A Good Food Award Winner


Galaxy Rose

(green cabbage, watermelon radish, filtered water, sea salt)

A gorgeous and deeply pink kraut with a whimsical sweetness and pleasing texture.  Watermelon Radish is a heirloom varietal, prized by our ancestors and modern chefs alike for its flavor and beauty.